The Honduran Plastic Surgery Residency Program was established in 1995 to teach board-certified Honduran Graduate General Surgeons in the surgical and medical care of children with congenital deformities and in the art and science of plastic surgery.

The program was established through the cooperative efforts of the University of Honduras School of Medicine, the Honduras Ministry of Health, and the Hospital Escuela Department of Plastic Surgery.

Surgery and clinic teaching take place at Hospital Escuela, the main teaching hospital for the University of Honduras School of Medicine, situated in the heart of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. A faculty comprised of Honduran and United States physicians provides pro bono teaching services for the residency program.

The graduates of the Plastic Surgery Residency Program are examined and certified in cooperation with the President of the University of Honduras, the Minister of Health, the Dean of the Honduras School of Medicine, the Director of Hospital Escuela and the Departments of General and Plastic Surgery at Hospital Escuela.

The following physicians have completed their training in the program: Dr. Juan Carlos Funes, Dr. Luis Gonzalez, Dr. Carlos Flores, Dr. Claudia Coello, and Dr. Guillermo Siercke. The two residents currently in the program are Dr. Oscar Rodriguez and Dr. Carlos Cerrato.